Netrin Health connects whole-person care and virtual care

With access to the Netrin Center for Connected Care, we can help you bring care to your patients using telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, and more.

Choose Netrin Health as your partner in care transformation

With Netrin Health, providers take the lead. Your priorities are our priorities. Our actionable data insights and technology know-how help you succeed, and remain independent.

Value-based care is a journey
Netrin Health is your guide

Netrin Health has the people, processes, and technology to help independent practices and providers thrive today, and tomorrow.

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Plotting the course

Netrin Health understands that value-based care is a continuous journey and that independent physicians encounter unique obstacles along the way. We are committed to helping physicians achieve practice transformation while maintaining their independence. We provide each practice with a personalized mix of people, processes, and technology to help drive their success, measured by:

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Reductions in health care utilization and spending


Improvements in patient and provider satisfaction


Higher quality ratings

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Increases in revenue

Leading the way

Netrin Health has been partnering with independent provider practices since 2016. Since our inception:

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Netrin Health is an independent, innovative, physician-led organization with a steadfast commitment value-based care.

We are highly selective and bring together physicians and care teams who want to do the right thing for the right reasons. We have successfully partnered with independent practices in accountable care organizations (ACOs) since 2014. And in 2019, we partnered with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) and the state of Maryland to successfully launch a Care Transformation Organization (CTO).

Keep your independence, while benefiting from the support of Netrin's interdisciplinary team of experts, actionable data analytics, and advanced virtual technologies.

Doctor Using Technology to Problem Solve

Ahead of the curve

Patients want more … more convenience, more comfort, more connection. Netrin Health helps primary care practices expand care outside the traditional four walls without adding administrative burden or compounding costs. Whether you’re interested in offering telehealth or integrating remote patient monitoring, or both, Netrin Health has the technology know-how to bring you the innovation you need, when you need it.

Client Testimonials

“Netrin is brilliant. We have gained a lot of knowledge from Netrin and their team. We are happy in being part of Netrin’s ACO and are choosing Netrin as our obvious choice for a CTO.”

Dr. Jonathan Plotsky
Plotsky Medical Associates, PC
– Rockville, Md

“We have worked with Netrin since its inception and its leadership for the past 8 years, which includes two ACOs. We are always impressed with the level of innovation that Netrin brings to the table. Netrin is our preferred partner for all of our value-based care programs and our CTO.”

Dr. Reema Jalali
MedPeds LLC
– Laurel, Md

“We are choosing Netrin as our first choice for our Care Transformation Organization. We have had the opportunity to work with the Netrin team since 2014, and it has been a great experience for us.”

Angela Marshall
Comprehensive Women’s Health
– Silver Spring, Md

“Netrin has been our partner for all our value-based care programs. We are happy that Netrin has now chosen to become a Care Transformation Organization. Netrin has guided us well thus far, and we will continue to work with Netrin as part of the MDPCP-CTO.”

Dr. Venkat Ramanan
Plotsky Medical Associates, PC
– Rockville, Md

“Every day, Netrin and its team amaze me with their level of innovation and creativity. We are a Davies award-winning practice and have been early adopters of EHRs since 2003, and Netrin is our perfect partner for all of our health transformation programs, including the Maryland [Primary Care] Program.”

Dr. Seth Eaton
MedPeds LLS
– Laurel, Md

“We are truly blessed to have chosen Netrin as our ACO and now as our CTO. Netrin has always been there for us.”

Dr. Zeenat Hashmi
EC Primary Care
– Ellicott City, Md
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