Advance Care Planning (ACP)

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Advance care planning can be a gift you give yourself and your family. It is about doing what you can to make sure that your preferences and wishes are in line with the medical care you might receive if you were unable to communicate or make decisions for yourself.

NetrinDirective provides a comprehensive Advance Care Planning solution, including access to our platform and related implementation, communication, and guided onboarding service. NetrinDirective facilitators work with the patient to understand and identify their chosen healthcare agent in 4 states/districts including Maryland, Virginia, DC, and Delaware.

Additionally, NetrinDirective offers patients specialized assistance to help them navigate the use of the Platform, such as outreach, decision-making support, platform guidance, facilitation of conversations between patients and their medical decision-makers, ongoing check-in, and support from NetrinDirective staff at $0 upfront cost.


Benefits for Patients

  • Clear up any misunderstandings
  • Give patients control over their care
  • Ensure that patients receive the treatments that best meet their objectives and preferences
  • Lessen Patients’ stress and anxiety

Benefits for Providers

  • Enable providers to offer the greatest results
  • Can perform as a part of Patients’ Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) at no cost for eligible patients.
  • Better care coordination
  • Improved patient experience

Benefits for ACOs

  • Use automated procedures to identify High-Need, High-Cost (HNHC) individuals
  • Improve care management results by engaging providers and individuals
  • Link high-risk patients with services for SDoH and palliative care
  • Offer holistic care for better health outcomes

Benefits for Health Plans

  • Increase revenue opportunities by utilizing advance care planning CPT codes
  • Increase the potential for shared savings
  • Alignment of numerous value-based quality indicators
  • Decrease in avoidable hospitalizations and readmissions
  • high-quality care at a lower cost

Advance Care Planning Reduces Costs and Improves Patient Satisfaction

All of these strategies and resources can be put into use to ensure that care is provided in the best possible environment and that it complies with members' end-of-life choices. In addition to streamlining the application process for its complex care management program, Netrin will assist in developing and deploying a curriculum on the principles of geriatric and palliative care and will give discussion guides to providers to support these conversations as well as a tool for providers to record the conversations.

  • Facilitate Coordinated, Integrated Care
  • Enhance Patient Experience and Engagement
  • Reduce Costs & Increase Efficiency
  • Improve Value-Based Reimbursement

Advance Care Planning Services

  • Our trained ACP facilitators educate patients and discuss about their treatment options, assuring completion and increasing outcomes.
  • Our technology makes it possible for patients to identify a healthcare agent and ensure their involvement in the ACP process.
  • Our staff completes patient outreach, has several ACP discussions, and delivers paperwork to the patient's medical professionals and care teams.
  • Netrin facilitators record patient signatures on advance care planning legal documents.
  • Netrin facilitators share the completed document with patients on patient preferences and patients can access the completed document.

"With my care manager, I feel like I matter to someone and I have never felt so cared for and that gives me a peace of mind. Thank you so much!"

Facilitators/ support

Facilitators/ Support







0%of 795,909 Americans had completed an advance directive
0%of 795,909 Americans had completed living wills
$0less money spent for patients who have advance directives
$0lower hospital out-of-pocket costs with advance directives

Source: Journal of hospital medicine
Source: Pair Palliative and Advanced Illness Research Center