Our Technology

Keeping you ahead of the curve in your transition to value-based care.

Optimized Workflows

Optimal patient management and treatment depends on timely and accurate patient information. EHR integration is the key to improving care coordination across multiple areas of care delivery. Netrin Health technology brings Preventive Care, Chronic Care Management, and Remote Patient Monitoring programs together in one comprehensive, simplified platform.

  • Maximize efficiency across care teams
  • Share data seamlessly
  • Improve patient diagnosis and treatment
  • Simplify communication with no loss in data

Contextual Care Analytics

Contextual Care Analytics is a powerful tool that gives us a complete picture of a patient’s health using real-time data and in-depth predictive analytics. We aggregated data from multiple domains, including clinical, claims, social determinants of health, and remote patient monitoring data.

  • Identify gaps in care
  • Improve risk adjustment scores
  • Anticipate adverse health events
  • Prevent hospital visits
  • Reduce clinical burden

Virtual Care Delivery Platform

Netrin Health provides a single, fully integrated experience with its convenient and comprehensive Virtual Care Delivery Platform. Health information is at your fingertips to make visits easier and more efficient for both provider and patient.

Netrin Health

Remote Patient Monitoring

Netrin’s forward-thinking Remote Patient Monitoring paired with strong Care Management and Pharmacy Services are designed to increase patient care and satisfaction scores and decrease healthcare spending by preventing unnecessary use of emergency rooms.

Netrin Health

Chronic Care Management

Netrin Chronic Chronic Care Management program works as an extension of your practice to provide personalized support for your patients in managing their chronic conditions that helps improve health outcomes and overall quality of life for your patient.

Netrin Health

Transitional Care Management

Netrin’s Transitional Care Management program improves patient care immediately following discharge from a hospital, nursing facility, or other healthcare setting. Transitions are seamless. Readmssions are reduced. Reimbursement is maximized.

Netrin Health


Netrin Health helps you provide your patients with convenient access and high-quality care anytime, anywhere, and on any device. The result is improved access to care, reduced healthcare costs, and increased patient and provider satisfaction.

"Netrin was able to help us set up a simple workflow. I get real-time data that helps us make sure that all patients’ needs are taken care of and there are no gaps in their healthcare. So Netrin has literally taken so much of that burden off of us so we can just focus on our patient care and getting the best outcomes for our patients."

Dr. Manoj Mathur
Huntingtown, MD