Netrin Remote Patient Monitoring Program

Combining people, technology and resources to help our partners across the care continuum.

Outpatient Practices

Monitor Your Patients Between Office Visits for Improved Quality of Care 

  • Additional care to a larger number of patients
  • A new revenue stream for the practice
  • Increased patient engagement and loyalty
  • Aggregated patient data from outside the healthcare facility
  • A more complete picture of a patient’s chronic conditions and risk factors
  • Assigned care manager for reduced load on your clinical staff



Hospitals and Health Systems

Reduce Readmissions and Cost of Care at Scale  

  • Geared towards value-based care
  • Monitoring patients for chronic and post-discharge care
  • Reduced 30-day readmission rates and emergency room visits
  • Reduced length-of-stay
  • Improved Patient Compliance
  • Decreased Overall Patient Costs
  • Higher Quality Bonuses

Hospital at Home

Care for the Patients Where They Want to Be - at Home

  • Better managed chronic health conditions where patients want to be - at home
  • Personalized chronic care tailored to patients' specific needs
  • Greater independence and convenience for the patients
  • Cost-effective care that prevents hospital visits
  • Reduced caregiver efforts




Purpose Built for Value-Based Care

  • Technology and data insights to reduce the overall cost of care
  • Advanced analytics for risk stratification of at-risk, high-utilizer patients
  • Streamlined care coordination
  • Increased clinical and operational outcomes to accelerate shared savings

Payers and Payviders

Keeping Beneficiaries Healthy and Out of the Hospital 

  • Improve the quality and cost of care for the members
  • Greater level of convenience
  • Reduced hospital admissions
  • Improved general employee satisfaction
  • Greater awareness and control over patients' health and well-being

Remote Patient Monitoring Devices

Blood Pressure Monitor For Remote Patient Monitoring

Blood Pressure Monitor

Glucometer For Remote Patient Monitoring


Weight Scale For Remote Patient Monitoring

Weight Scale

Pulse Oximeter For Remote Patient Monitoring

Pulse Oximeter

Remote Patient Monitoring is Better with Netrin Health

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