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How much revenue could your practice be generating through Remote Patient Monitoring and/or Chronic Care Management?

ROI Calculator for RPM and CCM
Use Netrin Health’s Remote Patient Monitoring Revenue Calculator and Chronic Care Management Calculator to find out.

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Results are based on estimated annual gross revenue of $2,484 per patient/year ($207/month) for RPM and $2,508 per patient/year ($209/month) for CCM. These are conservative numbers based on assumptions on variables that can vary greatly from practice to practice. Reimbursements are subject to change based on CMS guidelines without prior notice. Past reimbursements may not accurately reflect future payments/reimbursements.


Your Guide to Remote Patient Monitoring

Cost-saving CPT codes help practices make Remote Patient Monitoring Program even more profitable by providing a financial structure for physicians to be reimbursed depending on the time spent and equipment used.

Netrin Health Remote Patient Monitoring


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