Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM)


What is Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM)?

RTM refers to a family of five codes designed to provide "non-physiological" and “self-reported data” about a patient’s health conditions. These codes monitor health conditions including musculoskeletal system status, respiratory system status, medication adherence, medication response and pain levels.

Netrin Health's remote patient care extends the reach of physicians, enables a constant relationship between patients and providers, and offers health systems a continuous stream of real-time health data.

What is the Difference between RTM and RPM?

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring codes are designed to fill in some of the gaps that are not covered by RPM in a few key ways:

RTM codes collect non-physiological data

Under RTM, data indicators such as the patient’s pain level, therapy/medication adherence, and therapy/medication response can be collected and billed for. Broader data collection provides clinicians with a more holistic view of their patients’ health and better insights into “subjective” health outcomes, such as pain.

RTM codes allow for self-reported data

Although RTM still requires the use of a FDA-approved medical device, it can include self-reported data received through an app or web-based platform. This allows for monitoring of metrics such as pain levels and medication adherence, which can typically not be captured and automatically transmitted by a connected device.

RTM Codes allow for wider practitioner eligibility

RTM codes can be ordered and billed by a broader range of providers, including nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists and clinical psychologists. This extends reimbursement eligibility to a greater number and wider variety of healthcare practitioners.

What are the Remote Therapeutic Monitoring codes?

Netrin’s forward-thinking, well-integrated Remote Patient Monitoring paired with Strong Care Management and Pharmacy Services are designed to increase patient care and satisfaction scores and decrease healthcare spending by preventing unnecessary use of emergency rooms.

Many physicians and patients are unaware that CMS will be deploying five new RTM codes on January 1, 2022. The new class of Medicare Remote Therapeutic Monitoring codes include one for the set-up of the RTM equipment and the related education, two device codes and two services codes.

Download our CPT Coding Guide today and maximize your business’s potential in light of the new RTM codes.

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Whether you’re ahead or behind the curve with your digital health strategy, new RTM codes make it worth investing in Remote Patient Monitoring Programs. Netrin Health can bring RPM to your practice with the right equipment, technology and most importantly, support.