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Flu Vaccination

COVID-19 Is Just One More Reason to Get Your Annual Flu Shot

Flu vaccination coverage is consistently low among the Medicare population. The current state of the COVID-19 pandemic means that preventing seasonal flu is even more important than normal this year. To adequately protect patients and limit strain on the health care system, we need to intensify our vaccination efforts, especially among high-risk populations.
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Food Insecurity

Food Insecurity: Addressing a Major Obstacle to Health and Wellbeing

Food insecurity is a rampant and unaddressed problem in the United States. It is essential to address this obstacle to health by providing resources that not only alleviate short-term needs but also improve long-term health outcomes.
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Remote patient monitoring to support chronic care

Remote Patient Monitoring: A Virtual Connection to Care

Remote patient monitoring is a crucial technology that Netrin Health will integrate into our interdisciplinary care team workflow so we can fill the gaps in care created by the closure of primary care offices, the reduced availability of in-person office visits, and patients’ fears and hesitation with going into doctors’ offices and hospitals in the middle of a pandemic.
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social determinants of health

Social Determinants: Going Upstream for Whole-Person Care

In the mist of COVID-19, it is more important than ever to address patients from a whole-person perspective, looking at both their medical and social needs. Learn how Netrin Health integrates Health Leads social determinants of health screening into primary care providers offices and then addresses patients’ needs with our interdisciplinary care management team.
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Patients: Children through elderly

Is It Time to Increase Office-Based Patient Visits?

May 7, 2020, marks the date when Maryland health care providers were finally allowed to schedule in-person elective and non-urgent patient appointments. Nearly one month later, are practices scheduling more in-person visits, or is telemedicine the preference? Netrin Health spoke with primary care practices to learn whether they’re ramping up office-based visits as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.
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