Driving Healthcare Forward: Insights from our Practice Transformation Summit

On May 4th, 2024, we at Netrin celebrated the success of our inaugural Practice Transformation Summit, a significant milestone in our mission to revolutionize healthcare delivery. Our event brought together primary care physicians, industry experts, and healthcare stakeholders to drive forward the vital transformation in healthcare practices.

Named the “Netrin Practice Transformation Summit,” this gathering reaffirmed our steadfast commitment to promoting collaboration, innovation, and actionable insights within the healthcare landscape. With a purposeful agenda crafted to inspire, educate, and empower, the summit tackled critical challenges and opportunities in healthcare transformation.

Arrah-Tabe Edward, Deputy Director of CMMI, sharing insights into CMMI’s value-based care strategy as the keynote speaker.

Our ultimate goal is to empower healthcare professionals and organizations to deliver higher-quality care and improve patient outcomes,” said Arumani Manisundaram, the CEO of Netrin Health, emphasizing the pivotal role of collaboration and innovation in achieving this vision. “As an Accountable Care Organization and Care Transformation Organization in the Maryland Primary Care Pogram (MDPCP), Netrin Health actively participates in value-based care programs, reflecting our commitment to advancing healthcare delivery. We look forward to continuing this important work together as we strive towards a healthier future for all.”

Netrin’s administrative team, from left to right: Ipek Ozgur, Marketing & Communications Lead; Suneksha KC, Executive Director of Operations & Technology; Arumani Manisundaram, CEO; Shreya Gautam, Population Health Consultant; Taraneh Lucas, Research & Quality Lead.

Keynote sessions, featuring esteemed speakers from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI), the Maryland Department of Health, and CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, set the tone for the day by highlighting the importance of value-based care and the imperative for collective action. These thought-provoking presentations laid the foundation for a day filled with dynamic discussions and knowledge-sharing.

Zach Rabovsky discusses Netrin Health’s ACO partnership with CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield in keynote address.

Following the keynote addresses, engaging panel discussions provided a platform for primary care providers to share their real-world experiences and insights on various aspects of value-based care. Topics ranged from annual wellness visits and transitional care management to HCC coding, remote patient monitoring, quality measures and compliance. These discussions not only shed light on best practices but also sparked meaningful conversations on overcoming challenges and driving tangible improvements in patient outcomes.

“The diverse perspectives of primary care providers highlighted the complexities of value-based care delivery, offering valuable insights for improvement,” noted Manisundaram. Our panel discussions motivated attendees to innovate and embrace best practices in their practices. These discussions are a unique opportunity for practices to learn from each other and gain firsthand insights into day-to-day challenges and successes in value-based care initiatives.”

Primary care providers engage in a dynamic panel discussion, sharing their best practices to optimize care delivery at their practices. From left to right: Dr. Manisha Kalra from Family Medicine Shady Grove, Linda Katz the Practice Manager at Chesapeake Wellness Center, and Ravinder Sawhney the Practice Manager at Dr. Gurmeet Sawhney Primary Care Practice.

Beyond the enriching panel discussions, the summit fostered opportunities for networking and connection among attendees over breakfast and lunch sessions. Providers enjoyed the collective wisdom and insights shared during this transformative gathering, finding inspiration and motivation to implement positive change in their practices while forging new relationships with their colleagues.

Arumani Manisundaram presenting an award to the Practice Coach for the Maryland Primary Care Program at the Maryland Department of Health.
From left to right: Suneksha KC, the Executive Director of Strategy & Operations at Netrin Health, and Arumani Manisundaram, the CEO of Netrin Health with Dr. Paul Katz from Chesapeake Wellness Center.
The audience observes the remote patient monitoring panel discussion led by primary care practices.

As Netrin and its partners stand poised to drive forward towards a healthcare landscape that champions value, accessibility, and patient-centricity, the momentum generated at the summit propels us toward a brighter future for healthcare delivery. Together, as a value-based care partner, we’re sculpting a healthcare realm that revolves around patients, powered by technology and data-driven insights for better care and better outcomes.

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