International Women’s Day: Supporting Women in the Health Workforce

Healthcare workers are at the beating heart of every health system and an overwhelming amount of jobs in healthcare are held by women. In fact, U.S Census Bureau reports that women account for three quarters of full-time, year-round healthcare workers in the country.

Although women workers continue to dominate the healthcare industry, working in healthcare can be difficult and demanding, both physically and mentally. Burnout is more likely among female workers in healthcare, due to long working hours and expectations about family and child care, a study confirms. 

With this picture in mind, we recognize the complexities surrounding women in the healthcare workforce, and the importance of supporting women employees for a healthy, thriving, and productive environment. “At Netrin, we see the value of offering a family-friendly culture, and therefore include flexible and remote work arrangements that encourage a balanced share of care and family responsibilities,” says Arumani Manisundaram, the CEO of Netrin Health. “This pays off in improved employee engagement and a truly motivated workforce.”

Today, on International Women’s Day, communities are celebrating the achievements of women around the world. With women’s vital role in the global healthcare workforce, we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce four of our dedicated women employees at Netrin Health, to share their insights about working in this highly demanding industry, and the support that comes from Netrin to help them maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Diane Golla

Diane Golla is a Nurse Care Coordinator at Netrin Health, who has been working with the company for close to two years. Her passion for caring for others began from a young age while many of her family members worked in healthcare. “That passion grew as I worked in the operating room, and in home care roles before deciding I wanted to become a nurse”, says Diane. “Netrin had a concept that allowed me to reach the elderly population, and continue to provide support to patients.”

Diane, reflects positively on her experience and the work environment she is a part of, at Netrin Health. “Family is very important to the management at Netrin. I have had some struggles with family illness, and Netrin has always been supportive of mine and my family’s needs”, Diane mentions. “The support and care I received from Netrin has always felt like support coming from a family.”

Roshan Hussain

Roshan Hussain, Director of Quality and Pharmacy at Netrin Health entered the company 2 years ago after completing Masters in Public Health. Roshan also reflects positively on the work environment and the women-centric policies at Netrin. “I did work for a company where I did not have flexibility, especially when my kids were young and my husband was in a consulting career. It took a toll on my health,” Roshan says. 

When asked about the importance of working for a company that supports women, Roshan comments on the importance of investing in her time with her kids. “I am equally passionate to be on a career path which gives me space to carve my own niche and succeed”, she mentions. “Being able to have a flexible working schedule, as a mother of two, allows me to work in a happy and stress free environment, which is optimal for productivity.”

Kayleana Bradford

Kayleana Bradford, a Care Manager at Netrin Health for the last three years, joined the company after working as a Chronic Care Manager at a national healthcare company. “I love helping people. It started when I was smaller and saw how my mother helped patients and their families,” she says, when describing her passion for working in healthcare.

She thinks that women and working mothers usually face greater problems in their careers, and sometimes even have to make choices between their families and their work. “Health care is a demanding field. I worked at one place where I had to take some time off for my daughter’s needs. If I called off due to taking care of an ill family member or for myself, I was told that I would get a write up or even terminated”, Kayleana says.  

She continues by stating that she experienced a great mindset shift after starting to work at Netrin. “Netrin works around your schedule to make sure you are there for your children and family. It’s a huge relief knowing that you work in an environment that understands what you are going through in difficult times”.

Norma Soriano

Norma Soriano also works for Netrin Health as a Care Coordinator, having joined the company a year ago after working as a Population Health Coordinator at a practice. When asked about the challenges of being a working woman, Norma agrees that managing work and personal life can be tough. 

“Having the flexibility at work encourages you to have a family and work life without affecting one another. It saves the worries of looking for a daycare or worrying about who will pick up your kids from school, or that you will be late because you got caught up with work”, Norma says. “I love working for a company that empowers women to pursue their careers without losing sight of their family.” 

In addition to providing a positive environment, Norma mentions that Netrin provides training to employees on how to handle stress and take a break for themselves. “They really show care for our mental wellbeing. Working in a company where women are respected, and truly cared for, makes a huge difference on how well I do my job.”

Looking ahead to the future, women will continue to increase their participation in health care occupations, at all levels. Today – and every day – we’re happy to have the opportunity to support and celebrate women’s invaluable contributions to Netrin Health, and our healthcare communities. 

Happy International Women’s Day!