Press Release: CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield and Netrin Health Forms Strategic Alliance to Enhance Primary Care Delivery

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield (CareFirst) and Netrin Health LLC (Netrin Health) proudly announce the establishment of a strategic alliance aimed at advancing primary care delivery in establishing an Accountable Care Organization. This collaboration signifies a significant milestone in the healthcare industry, underscoring a shared commitment to revolutionizing the quality and efficiency of patient care.

Under the terms of this agreement, primary care physicians within the CareFirst network will gain access to Netrin Health’s comprehensive suite of tools and resources tailored to optimize primary care services. This strategic integration aims to empower independent primary care providers with the necessary support and robust technology needed to elevate their practice standards and foster a preventive approach to healthcare delivery.

Netrin Health aims to leverage its partnership with CareFirst to drive innovation within its technology framework and enhance the whole person care model by optimizing processes and delivering high-touch patient care. Arumani Manisundaram, CEO of Netrin Health, expressed his enthusiasm regarding the partnership, stating, “Partnering with CareFirst will enable our providers to excel in a holistic care approach to healthcare while also expanding our reach to more patients in need of quality care. We are also committed to implementing innovative predictive models to address the various social determinants of health issues across the CareFirst members who we serve.

Netrin Health continues to maintain its independence as an organization, remaining wholly owned and operated without the influences of Wall Street investors or health systems,” says Manisundaram. “Unlike many others in the industry, Netrin Health stands out as an independent entity, devoid of external funding or affiliations with other organizations. This autonomy allows Netrin to prioritize its mission of delivering exceptional patient care without the constraints or distractions often associated with external stakeholders.”

Netrin Health partners with independent primary care practices in various value-based care programs including its Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) ACO, and these practices in the MSSP network have consistently praised the organization’s impact on their ability to deliver high-quality care. Providers particularly value the enhanced support for managing high-risk patients, who often account for the majority of healthcare costs. 

Dr. Seth Eaton MD, a founding partner and primary care provider at MedPeds in Laurel, Maryland within the Netrin network, shares his experience: “Netrin Health has significantly improved care coordination for our high-risk patients, helping us reduce the overall medical spending of our patients. Their advanced analytics tools and dedicated care management team have been instrumental in addressing the unique needs of each patient in our practice”. 

Dr. Paul Katz MD, the Lead Physician at Chesapeake Wellness Center, a small independent primary care practice in Elkton, Maryland, adds, “As a small independent primary care clinic on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, we do not have the resources to close all gaps in care without the data provided by the Netrin team—much like many independent primary care practices. Netrin has bridged the gaps for our practice, providing the data needed and helped us build stronger patient relationships than ever before.”

Netrin Health is renowned for equipping independent primary care practices with its interdisciplinary care team, virtual technology platform, and unparalleled business support, all geared towards facilitating success in value-based care. To date, Netrin Health’s initiatives have resulted in substantial cost savings, with Medicare savings totaling $19.5 million across its value-based care programs since inception.

Looking ahead, Arumani Manisundaram envisions this partnership setting a new standard for primary care delivery. He anticipates that the collaboration will not only enhance patient outcomes but also streamline operations for independent practices, making high-quality care more accessible and sustainable. Manisundaram is confident that this strategic alliance will lead to continuous innovation, ultimately transforming the healthcare landscape for the better. Since the launch of the CareFirst Accountable Care Organization, Netrin has seen a visible increase in the engagement levels from the practices across the network of practices that are under the Netrin value-based care models. 

About Netrin Health

Netrin Health LLC is a leading healthcare solutions provider dedicated to empowering independent primary care practices with the tools and resources necessary to thrive in value-based care models. Through its interdisciplinary approach and cutting-edge technology platforms, Netrin Health is redefining the future of healthcare delivery by prioritizing preventive care and holistic wellness.

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