Press Release: Netrin Health is Selected to Showcase Its Success with AWV Case Study at 2023 NCQA Health Innovation Summit

Netrin Health, a technology-enabled value-based care organization, will be presenting at the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) 2023 Health Innovation Summit that will take place between October 23 and October 25 in Orlando, Florida. Arumani Manisundaram – CEO of Netrin Health, Suneksha KC – Director of Operations and Technology, and Taraneh Lucas –Lead Population Health Consultant will be showcasing their case study “Reducing Emergency Room (ER) Utilization and Hospital Admissions Through Annual Wellness Visits (AWVs)” that highlights various aspects of annual wellness visits, the importance of AWVs in value-based care, and the impacts on patient’s lives.

This 3-day event at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center in Orlando brings together American healthcare professionals from all different healthcare industries and will feature thought-provoking speakers, incredible educational opportunities, and showcase exhibits of the latest healthcare innovations. Among the topics that will be covered in the summit are issues impacting health care quality, such as innovative care delivery, equitable health care, data and digital quality measurement, breakthrough innovations, resiliency and recovery, plus NCQA programs and research.

This is Netrin Health’s second consecutive year presenting a case study at the NCQA Health Innovation Summit. “In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, Annual Wellness Visits have emerged as a cornerstone of our commitment to value-based care at Netrin Health. These proactive assessments not only empower patients to take charge of their well-being but also enable us to deliver personalized, preventative care that ultimately enhances health outcomes and lowers overall healthcare costs.” stated Arumani Manisundaram, the founder and CEO of Netrin Health.

He also added that the primary objective of Netrin’s case study was to empirically demonstrate the remarkable effectiveness of Annual Wellness Visits (AWVs) in primary care, particularly for Medicare patients. “By meticulously analyzing patient data and healthcare expenditures, we aimed to showcase how AWVs play a pivotal role in reducing the financial burden on both patients and the healthcare system while improving the quality of care delivered”.

Netrin Health mentions that they are thrilled to showcase the compelling findings of its case study at this year’s NCQA Health Innovation Summit, underscoring their commitment to pioneering transformative solutions in healthcare. The company recognizes that knowledge-sharing and collaboration are paramount in driving positive change. “It is with great pride that our team will be addressing this audience for the second consecutive year as a speaker, reaffirming our position as a leading organization in value-based care”, said Manisundaram. He adds that by coming together with fellow industry leaders, they can collectively shape the future of healthcare for the better, ultimately benefiting patients and the broader healthcare ecosystem.

About Netrin Health

Netrin Health is an independent, innovative, physician-led organization with a steadfast commitment to value-based care. Netrin collaborates with independent practices, health systems and employer health plans to optimize clinical outcomes, improve patient experiences and reward providers for delivering high-value care in both in-person and virtual settings. Netrin Health empowers practices to keep their independence, while benefiting from the support of Netrin’s interdisciplinary team of experts, actionable data analytics, and advanced virtual technologies.

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