Press Release: Netrin Health Unveils Home-Based Chronic Care Model to Enable Providers Advance Preventive Care

Over the past several years, the demand has increased for home-based health care solutions. The process of leaving home, seeking transportation, and navigating a clinical setting not only creates physical and emotional strain on patients but also may require caregiver assistance, especially for the older patient population. These patients are much more likely to have multiple chronic conditions, greater hospitalization frequency, and challenges with accessing resources to get the health care they need.

Netrin Health states they are responding to this need by redesigning chronic care delivery to support home-based primary care with a patient-centered approach. Announcing its home-based chronic care model, Netrin Health aims to create a potential solution for older patients who require frequent monitoring and treatment for their chronic disease(s) and face barriers to obtaining care in traditional settings.

Netrin Health Home-Based Chronic Care Model has three areas of focus: increased access to care, high touch delivery and reduced unnecessary use of emergency departments and hospital visits. In collaboration with the primary care team, this model identifies the care needs of each individual patient proactively by using remote monitoring solutions, and working with patients over time to provide education, to set goals and to evaluate progress. Holistic care is provided through a multidisciplinary team structure while satisfying Medicare patients’ preference for home care over traditional care in the doctor’s office. 

“Our robust remote monitoring framework, comprehensive care team support and telehealth integration allows us to provide the requirements of chronic care management to patients in the care setting of their choice — their own home or place of residence”, says Arumani Manisundaram, the Founder & CEO of Netrin Health. He adds that their care model not only focuses on stabilizing patient’s health but also teaches them how to manage their condition independently at home. 

“Personalized care is provided through a seamless combination of video and remote patient monitoring devices, with a care manager overseeing patients in the program. Our care team is available on-demand 24×7 to support patients and their caregivers, while teaching them how to monitor their health at home and when to call the provider.” adds Roshan Hussain, Executive Director of Value-Based Programs at Netrin Health. Hussain also states that Netrin Health’s home-based care model is cost-effective for both the providers and the patient. She adds that they allow healthcare professionals to optimize time spent with their patients, helping avoid unnecessary ER visits and therefore reduce healthcare costs geared towards value-based care.

“Just because a patient may be facing social determinants of health challenges doesn’t mean they are not able to control their chronic conditions. Our multidisciplinary care teams assess the full range of each patient’s needs to give practitioners a more comprehensive view of their patient’s health and social determinants, and connect with community resources to help vulnerable patients overcome important social determinants of health (SDoH) challenges. This is built on our “whole person care” platform.”, says Manisundaram. 

“Netrin Health designed its home-based care model as a foundation for advanced preventive care for Medicare patients. For patients that are the most complex and therefore the most in need of care coordination, oversight and on-going support, we want them to receive the same level of care at home so they can achieve the highest level of health and wellness possible.”

About Netrin Health

Netrin Health is an independent, innovative, physician-led organization with a steadfast commitment to value-based care. Netrin collaborates with independent practices, health systems and employer health plans to optimize clinical outcomes, improve patient experiences and reward providers for delivering high-value care in both in-person and virtual settings. Netrin Health empowers practices to keep their independence, while benefiting from the support of Netrin’s interdisciplinary team of experts, actionable data analytics, and advanced virtual technologies.

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