Press Release: Netrin Health Saves Medicare over $14 Million Since Its Inception

Netrin Health has saved more than $14 million for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services under various value-based care programs which includes the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) Accountable Care Organization models and the Maryland Primary Care Program (MDPCP) since its inception. By exceeding quality performance standards and its minimum savings threshold, independent physician participants have earned over $5 million in value-based care payments.

“These impressive results are proof of the commitment of our health care partners who have joined Netrin,” says Arumani Manisundaram, the CEO & Founder of Netrin Health. “Through sharing information with the right tools, technology and resources, our providers are rewarded for delivering better care for their patients, inside and outside the clinical office setting”. These results reflect Netrin’s commitment to empowering independent practices through its advanced technology, interdisciplinary care team and virtual care platform that provides a single fully integrated experience across its Remote Patient Monitoring, Transitional Care Management, Chronic Care Management and Telehealth services.

Netrin has done a tremendous job in giving us data that allows us to close the gaps in care and accurately risk stratify our patients. Without the predictive analytics and data management of Netrin, we don’t really have any of this capability through our electronic medical records as a solo practice.”

Seth Eaton MD
Medical Director, Netrin Health

“While our independent providers are highly committed to their patients, they may not have the right tools or resources to manage high-risk populations and target gaps in care within a fee-for-service payment system” says Manisundaram. “We are extremely proud that Netrin’s technology has enhanced our providers to move towards value-based care while allowing for better quality, better access to care and lower costs in their communities.”

About Netrin Health

Netrin Health is an independent, innovative, physician-led organization with a steadfast commitment to value-based care. Netrin collaborates with independent practices, health systems and employer health plans to optimize clinical outcomes, improve patient experiences and reward providers for delivering high-value care in both in-person and virtual settings. Netrin Health empowers practices to keep their independence, while benefiting from the support of Netrin’s interdisciplinary team of experts, actionable data analytics, and advanced virtual technologies.

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