Press Release: Netrin Health Unites Primary Care Providers to Accelerate Health Equity in the Underserved Communities of Maryland

Netrin Health brought Maryland’s independent primary care providers together as part of its ‘health equity strategy‘ that aims to support physicians in identifying and reducing health disparities across the state. At the dinner event held on June 9th, 2022, in Bethesda, Maryland, the focus was to raise awareness about health disparities, showcase the barriers to health equity, and highlight the strategies towards improving them, as a key priority within the Maryland Primary Care Program (MDPCP) and other value-based care programs. 

The event also featured a special speaker, Chief Transformation Officer Dr. Douglas Jacobs from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) as Netrin Health launched its ‘Centers for Health Equity, Diversity & Inclusion’. Netrin Health has appointed Angela Marshall MD FPAC, the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Comprehensive Women’s Health, as the executive chairman.

“Access to healthcare has been a challenge in the underserved communities of Maryland,” said Arumani Manisundaram. “As a Care Transformation Organization in the MDPCP Program, we are proud to have transformed the way our partners deliver primary care, by helping them advance health equity across the health system, since our inception”, he added. “This event has been organized to strengthen our organization’s efforts in the health equity journey through collaborative work, as well as to celebrate how far we have come in closing gaps in inequities with our healthcare partners.”

During the event, presentations were conducted by Arumani Manisundaram and Dr. Douglas Jacobs from CMS. The key topics discussed included the CMS Vision and Framework for Health Equity within value-based care and delivery system transformation as well as success stories of Netrin Health.

“The future of primary care depends on health equity, and achieving equity depends on our healthcare providers. Engaging with local communities and the integration of social determinants of health (SDoH) into routine medical care is the key.”

Arumani manisundaram
ceo – netrin health

“Even though providers see the benefits of investing in SDoH for improved health outcomes and cost savings, they face certain challenges when it comes to integrating it at the point of care. This is where the right value-based care partner needs to step in,” mentioned Manisundaram.

Since its inception, Netrin Health has supported primary care practices working around the SDOH needs of their patients that impact the vulnerable populations in rural Maryland communities. Among the partnerships that Netrin has developed includes collaborating with Findhelp, 211, NowPow and Maryland Department of Aging. Netrin continues to leverage resources for especially high risk and high-need patients with chronic conditions while making sure all interventions are closely monitored by the multidisciplinary care team.

“We receive the support from Netrin’s care management team which underpinned all the challenges we faced before having them as our value-based care partner. Netrin’s strong care management has been able to uncover health disparities of our patients and connect them to the right resources, which we were not able to do on our own.”

Angela Marshall MD FACP

Arumani Manisundaram adds that he’s excited to see the role that Netrin plays in driving meaningful change in communities. “Going forward, I believe that having a greater understanding of healthcare disparities is needed. As Netrin Health, we will continue to build and strengthen our relationships with local community partners and collaborate with our healthcare providers whose patients are hindered by their SDoH needs.”

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