Remote Patient Monitoring – Transforming Access to Healthcare, One Patient at a Time

According to the Center for Medicare & Medicaid services (CMS) dashboard for chronic diseases statistical view on prevalence in the state of Maryland, diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia are the top utilization categories. These statistics pose high risk for total direct medical expenses and indirect costs from loss of productivity, related to chronic diseases.

The Maryland department of health has worked closely with CMS to design an innovative pilot Primary Care Program (MDPCP) to provide comprehensive management of chronic diseases for CMS beneficiaries. The main goal for MDPCP is to provide 24/7 access to healthcare by assigning patients to healthcare teams within the practice (which ensures continuity of care), stratifying patients by risk (using a certified electronic health record), and connecting with CRISP (Maryland’s regional electronic health information exchange) reducing disparities.

“Chronic diseases, including heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, are among the leading causes of death in Maryland and currently account for 75 percent of healthcare costs.” 

The Maryland Department of Public Health

Netrin Health is one of the care transformation organizations for the MDPCP program. Netrin’s forward-thinking innovative platform is encouraging use of remote patient monitoring as a tool to effectively deliver virtual care and provide 24/7 access to healthcare. This addresses healthcare disparity, reduces hospital admission, and prevents emergency room visits for patients with heart disease, diabetes, and pulmonary disease, while also keeping social distancing protocols to keep high-risk patients safe.

Remote patient monitoring provides healthcare access and eliminates the need of frequent office-based visits while helping manage chronic diseases by remotely tracking vital signs and other health measurements. For example, a blood sugar test can reveal how well a patient is managing their diabetes, and a blood pressure test can help monitor heart disease.

“Remote patient monitoring is an integral part of everyday medicine. At Netrin, we are modeling our workflow to incorporate telemedicine and remote patient monitoring with our multidisciplinary care team.”

Ezhili Arumani, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at Netrin Health LLC

The Maryland department of public health has expanded the conditions that qualify a participant to receive remote patient monitoring services and removed current regulatory requirements limiting its use. Netrin Health’s integrated Platform has seized on that opportunity to provide a viable integrated platform for Netrin’s Medicare patients.

Netrin’s integrated platform for chronic e-care management is piloting with Dr. Aujla’s practice who is one of the participating MDPCP physicians with Netrin Health. Enrolled care management patients with chronic diseases will receive necessary devices to manage their chronic condition. The software will alert our Netrin clinicians in real-time of any unusual parameters, which will prompt our primary care team to coordinate care for their patients. The social determinants’ integrated datasets, used by MDPCP’s Crisp program and combined with the data analytics platform from eclinicalworks, are used to identify the high-risk patients in need of chronic care management.


“We are doing a lot of tele-visits given the pandemic. I believe that remote patient Monitoring will help alert us critical indicators in a timely manner. Early interventions with patients can reduce unnecessary ER visits & hospitalizations.” 

Seth Eaton, M.D., MPH-Partner at MedPeds LLC

The goal of RPM is to understand the regional challenges of reducing racial disparities and address the growing needs of chronic disease management for the MDPCP medicare population. We invite single physicians practices to use our integrated platform especially during this unprecedented time to increase access to their patients.

Netrin’s cutting-edge, cohesive Remote Patient Monitoring system, paired with strong care management and pharmacy services, is designed to both increase patient care and satisfaction scores, and decrease healthcare spending. This is done by preventing the unnecessary use of emergency rooms and need for re-hospitalizations. During COVID-19, especially, it extends the virtual care network to the remote regions of Maryland and helps keep the vulnerable areas of the population safe and healthy one at a time.

The Netrin team is striving to bring innovative digital clinical tools to increase patient interaction, making healthcare access simple and effective.

Discover Netrin’s RPM solution to improve patient outcomes, track patient data between visits and streamline your practice to achieve success with MDPCP programs.  For more information, contact us today.



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